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 Please help! My 16yr old brother is missing!Nasir Williams (aka Nasir Muhammad)5”8, Athletic build, Around 160lbsAtlanta, GA
My brother has missing since Friday (09/28/2013) morning. My stepmother and my other brother, Eli, were traveling through Atlanta for an appointment. He was last seen around 9:15-9:20am when he split away from them. According to his friends that were with him a few days before he went missing, he said he was depressed & feeling horrible since my stepmom has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. My stepmom says that he wasn’t acting normal and had possibly been given some pills. She was yelling at him to hurry up and he wasn’t really responding, slowly walking behind them. They were rushing to catch the 9:22am Doraville train, my stepmom & brother, Eli, ran up the stairs and assume that Nas continued to walk out towards the buses. He hasn’t been seen since.
My stepmom & brother have been handing out flyers with his information. We are really, really worried. Please help us find him.
The police won’t help us because he’s 16yrs old, and they are considering him a juvenile runaway. My brother has no history of running away. He plays tennis and basketball. They recently moved to that area from Snellville, and is completely new to the area. He would not know where he was if he was to come to & doesn’t know anyone.
I was JUST told of this, my family was hoping that he would be found by now but he hasn’t been. There isn’t much I can do from here, but try to stay in touch & pray that he is okay. My father & stepmother have been separated for years, but still - THIS IS MY BROTHER.
PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST THIS.Any information, if anyone knows anything, please inbox or call/text me. (347) 947-8393 or (774) 219-8280 (both cellphone numbers)





Plastic is a short film that deals with the obsession of body image….Whilst Anna is preparing for a first date with Henry, a man she has secretly loved for years, everything goes wrong until she discovers the impossible - to sculpt her appearance like clay to any shape she desires. You can watch the whole film HERE

This is amazing.